Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Starting Out!

Well this is all very interesting, many a time have I looked at other's blogs and thought one day! Well it seems today is the day.... in another of my to attempts to keep up with the modern world and stay connected with the traders and collectors of my Fair, folks who like my patterns & bears and students who need to know whats happening (and now that I have a little spare time) I endevour on this new journey of blogging- who'd of thought!
My hope for this space is that I can share with all of you all the new exciting happenings and goings on in my neck of the woods, without all of the hurdles of my websites.
Of course it may be a little while before we are off and running, but I've always said there is nothing wrong with baby steps.
This week I'll be very busy updating websites and sending out emails, letting everyone know about The Sydney Teddy Bear Fair, the Competition Winners and Silent Auction results and then I'll be embarking on next years plans- all the while making sure the kids get enough Mum time after a very hectic few weeks.
Stayed tuned....

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