Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The State of Affairs

Wow! Has it really been a month since I logged on to blogger? Unbelievable that so much has happened in such (what seemed to be) a short time. Though a month is a decent amount in anyones book. So where am I up to these days.... let see, TT has me thinking about future plans for the industry- initiatives if you will.
Realistically they have been on my mind for some time (a lot of this time I've been waiting for someone to take the obvious challenges up- but alas no one has yet), and most of which have taken up most of the last month in planning and preparation, but in some kind of cosmic twist it seems that I'm to formalize it all much sooner than I had anticipated.

The world wide bear industry is in, like so many other creative pursuits, in flux. I can list 2 dozen reasons why it is so, but they don't count for much, it is just the nature of the beast we call our world. Things change and we must adapt. Technology advances and we must progress with it.
I for one have spent a few years getting my "life" sorted, reassessing priorities. At one stage I couldn't get far enough away from this work.
But as the months turned into years I got the vibe back. That eagerness to actually create again. I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Not only my own creations but others'.
So in the very near future many of things will be changing in my world. Much more work of course and much less time with my family, but they'll be there backing me up as per usual-trying to help where ever they can. Plus two little boys to boot will keep me on my toes.
I'm in the midst of starting up a little web boutique supply concern, definitely a mouthful but you get the idea- I'm not planning on bringing every fabric put on this earth to folks, just some really nice notions and bears that should get folk smiling.
I also have two other projects that will require momentous effort and energy to bring them to fruition, but if they work (which I'm betting they will) it will be the start of a new era in not only my life but hopefully this will flow onto those who also hold teddy bears so close to their hearts. Bring along the needs of a show or 4 and you'll see that I'm up for a lion fight- but if anything I have come to realize a few things about myself and like minded arctophiles in the months just gone.
As individuals we can make a difference and as a group we can create a bear revolution!!!
It starts at the entry level, encouraging new makers and collectors and fostering them with information and a helping hand when needed. I'll post more information as it comes to hand (don't want to spoil the surprises!) but jeez is this an exciting time for teddy bears.

Just one of the new little tackers for the Happy Little Souls Pattern Collection

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