Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Better give this one a title hey! Let's just say: UPDATE!!!

Oh my goodness- another comment on how fast time flies! Just a quick update on how things are progressing: unfortunately I've had to postpone my website meeting with my designer about the Society site, but that will just leave me with some time to gather more information- it really is a data intensive site that needs a lot of attention. So hopefully we will be launching something in the next few months- slow and steady!!
The Art of Teddy Bears is now online and almost fully active- I still have a heap of products to be inserted but the thought of matching up over 100 photos for fabrics is giving me the chills....but at least I have over 1/2 of the tools listed!!!
Heavenly Stitches is now in full swing, this September is going to be great- we have waited far too long to get a Fair that represents quality, original craft to the people in this area- one thing is for sure it will be beautiful....
This craft and teddy business is managing to consume so much of my time and energy- but I love it!!! :O) today was like Christmas, when my "packaging options" arrived - I am so thoroughly loving the craft process.
My sore fingers have almost healed enough for me to start sewing again, so that means a heap of more samples will be born (if only my hands could keep up with my creative buzz, life would be sweet!)
I'm a bit choppy tonight, must be the fact that the kids got an early night and I am going to try and finish some work off- I won't speak too soon though :O)
Happy stitching folks!!!

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