Monday, January 19, 2009

Arggghhh!!! I hate mentioning how fast time goes.... I won't.
At the mention of a new project, Paula from All Bear has got me back up onto the blogging 'horse' let's call it, after a few months in the trenches with web code and content management systems, don't ask!!!
Anyway things are chuffing along well here, I actually even managed to finish off a new Happy Little Soul for a giveaway on the new Society site.

Wonders never cease! I also have just got to do a few finishing touches on another little chappy that is going to go off and live in England any day now. I have no disillusions about getting any made for shows this year, they will definitely be for select occasions.

I'm going to cut it short now anyway, sleep has to be fit in somewhere these days, but tomorrow it's off with the postcards and visitors packs for the few shows I'm organizing, and if time allows before I pick up the kids from preschool, the welcome packs for Society members.
Take Care all


Anonymous said...

Hey Mel
I have just added you to my blog and thank for the email about the 100 Best Bear blogs. hugs Lisa

All Bear said...

LOL! Good to see you back in Blog Land Melissa! There are never enough hours in any one day are there? Don't forget to put your feet up now and again x

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel
I have passed a award for you!
Mainly for all the hard work you do! You always put ALL your heart and soul in whatever you are doing!

This Works Of Heart award is for people who put their heart and soul into their work, their words and/or their kindness to others.
The award is originally created by Kelly of "Yesterday's Glitter"

Hope you can pass it on to some bear artist who you think they have put their heart into their works.
hugs Lisa