Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have you ever....

put your hand up to do something and then wonder a little later why?
Well let me go back to the beginning- one of the events I manage is small craft Fair now 3 times a year, and the first is coming up this Sunday at Eden Gardens. It should be a lovely setting- for those of you unfamiliar with the venue, it is as it sounds- just heavenly, not why I chose it although what a great tie in for the "Heavenly Stitches Fair" right!
So back to the point, a little while back I was thinking of ways to enhance the fair and thought back to a time when we handed out mini bear kits to the first 200 visitors, people walked around with a smile on their faces all day and to this day- nearly 5 years later, people still comment to me how much they loved making their little chap.
Lightbulb!!! I'll tie in a kit with the theme of the Fair, why not the little logo bear as a stitch kit, so I make a sample and yes it is feasible.
Off I go to get the supplies for the kits, then screen print the little calico panels and then at 9.00pm reality hits- handpainting 100 little bears and cloth dolls....well after 2.00am I gave up for the night - they just never seemed to end. I'll have another session tonight with what time I have left.
The silly part is no one was expecting them, why do we have these great ideas???

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