Monday, February 16, 2009

And so begins his journey....

to the exact opposite side of the globe to where he was created (from fabric that was created on the opposite side of the globe- love the irony!!).
I will miss this little fella - he has been with me on my desk for the last month, just waiting for his little ears to come about, he has been a great companion - but my how handsome he looks with those ears on now.
And so his time has come to pack his little bag and jet off to "sunny" UK, may his trip be quick and turbulence free.
I'll post a new picture after his new Mum has received him, hope she is pleased :O)

Ooops! Nearly forgot to put up the original shot of Jimmy- as in Little James Cook, his new Mum in England, Laurie - has received him, even though customs tried to hold onto him....he finally made it!


CubbyHole Cubs said...

How could she not love him? he's got such fabby feet!


Laurie said...

I love him Melissa...he is such a sweet little bear and so nicely made.
Thank you